Saturday, July 30, 2011

A few notes on HeyTell 2.3 for iOS!

We've got a few fun changes for HeyTell 2.3, so we thought we'd write a little bit more about 'em!

Alert Tones: We added a new extra that plays alert tones. You can set a global tone for all incoming messages, and can also set unique tones for friends and groups. You can also configure it to play the alert tone when a message comes in while the app is open. While there are a bunch of ring tones to choose from, we encourage you to check out the Dog Whistle ringtone - 50% of our team can hear it, and 50% can't - can you?

A new Voice Changer option: Alien voice allows you to speed up or slow down your voice - sound like a chipmunk, munchkin, or slow yourself down. If you've already got the Voice Changer extra, the option will automatically appear for you after upgrade.

Export messages to Twitter: We've had a lot of requests for this - you can now, in addition to posting to Facebook and email, you can post messages you sent to Twitter, SMS, or export a link. Note that messages you export this way are publicly viewable for anyone who has access to the link. To export this way, tap the blue arrow next to the conversation, select the message you want to export, then tap the Actions button and select the type of Online Sharing you want to perform.

New translations: We've added Portuguese, Norwegian, and Italian translations - many, many thanks go out to John André Netland for contributing the Norwegian translation and to Gabriele Ravanetti for assistance on the Italian version!

Bug fixes: You may find a few other bugs resolved - note that we continue to recommend using released and supported operating systems only, but if you do run into issues, definitely drop us an email - and a big thanks to everyone who's contacted us so far, we do appreciate the issue reports!


  1. When is Alien voice going to be available for Droid?

  2. Working on it, coming soon!

  3. Still waiting for the android voice changer. Love the heytell!

  4. It's been there for a really long time for Android 1.6 users and higher! :) Tap the Menu button, then tap Voice Changer! :)