Saturday, February 19, 2011

More HeyTell Server Upgrades

We've been working hard upgrading our servers to handle all of our new users -- and the majority of the work is complete. We think the new system is a lot snappier and more reliable, and we're going to post the following graphs to keep ourselves honest:

This is the uptime for the main HeyTell service, and as you can see there were a few outages over the last few weeks as we worked through a few issues with the upgrade. The high number of outages reported (162) are due to some transient network problems that were reported as multiple outages, and our daily two-minute maintenance period (which is no longer needed).

You can come back here any time and view the graph, which is updated daily.
Please report any problems you encounter to!

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  1. its ok, just means more people are using this wonderful app